Something old, something new, mostly borrowed, ain’t it blue (Chicago)

–quiz for only the lonely (Roy Orbison, “Frank Sinatra sings for only the lonely”, 1958)

I had a dream (Abba ja Martin Luther King, original I have a dream)
he sat by my side
side by side (säveltänyt Harry Woods, esittänyt mm. Patsy Cline)
and whispered while he cuddled near me (Schonberger-Coburn-Rose)
wakey, wakey,
it’s the sunny side up (Henderson-DeSylva-Brown, 1929),
the sunny side of the street (Fields-McHugh, 1930).
I woke
and as I stood up for my rights (Bob Marley&Peter Tosh)
he asked me to tell him my name, because he loved me (the Doors:Hello, I love you).
I told him to bring me a water melon, sold on Beale Street (W.C.Handy: Beale Street Blues),
and like a heat wave –a hundred and five! (Marilyn Monroen esitys Heat wave elokuvassa There’s no business like show business, 1954)
- I realized
there wasn't any blues in the night. (Harold Arlen)
Only nights in white satin (the Moody Blues) and good mornings.
Well, jesus died for somebodyz sins, but not mine (Van Morrison-Patti Smith: Gloria),
I heard myself say to him as he wiped his hands into the wall (Pink Floyd),
yellow as the brick road (the Wizard of Oz “follow the yellow brick road”, Elton John “goodbye yellow brick road”).
Good morning starshine (Rado-Ragni-Macdermot: Hair, 1968).